About Us

CIT Hotel Management offers an experience like no other, while sailing through the Nile river you will take a trip through history and become immersed in Egyptian culture. Begin your voyage with CIT Hotel Management  and enjoy everything Egypt has to offer. 

In more than forty successful years, CIT has earned an outstanding reputation with its high level of comfort, first-class service, and exquisite, varied gastronomy. Consistent adherence to the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards is key to maintaining high standards. Continuous development is also part of the CIT philosophy. Since 2010.
received several awards for quality and service and is among the best 100 hotels! Also, in addition to Holiday Check Award 2016. If you are looking for quality, safety, and high standard service, CIT Hotels is the place you want to go to.

CIT Group is a company that has global roots with local heritage. It has a footprint across the globe yet it is proud of its legacy that started in Egypt back in 2010. 
With an experienced management team and unique partnerships, CIT is a dominant local player and international brand. Not only does CIT lead the market in the travel and hospitality,  but it also conquers vast diverse industries including aviation, transportation; creating an unrivaled international integrated platform that consistently delivers on its promise of delivering the highest value, world-class experience and beyond.